Cat Collection

Colorful, creative cats that add a splash of surreal imagination to your space.

Cats are one of my favorite animals in or kingdom. I treasure their assertiveness, individuality and sense of self.

I can relate to them, can you?



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To the seas.

Another world is just out there, below the horizon. The Seas!

We bask in its beauty, we sail above it, swim in it and dive into it.

The Seas collection will be my next venture in creations!

Stay tuned....

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What Else?

My favorite Martian....

.....so where does my imagination lead me to? I can see wall hangings, lampshades, bags, fashion adornments, unicorns, mermaids.....

.....oops....paintings, prints, angelic penguins, bears....

....oops...tell me about your imagination..

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We live in a world full of boxes. I live in a world where there are no parameters to my imagination.

What is my visual story? Its just about letting go., no explanation required.

Because I can!

Let there be no reasoning of why in my creations, just let them BE.


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