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About Us

What am I?

You could say that my Decor is distinct!

You could say that my Decor is one of a kind, Unique!

My purpose is to add that one small piece in Your Space that tells others of Your Unique style and story.

Where? When? What? Why and Who?


Your Story

Where & When?  Are you....

...relaxing with friends at a gallery. Online searching for that special gift or at the office or home desiring a flash of color.

What & Why? Are you....

....attracted to the colors and themes. Is the piece a memory of the time and place you shared with others.

Who? Are you...

.....bold, playful, eclectic, a visionary for Your Space.


Meet the Team

My life is a compliment of great friends, adventures, experiences  and laughter.

Life has brought for me the culmination of all these ingredients!

Lets jump in and see where the ride goes......come join us!



Lorena Laird


Currently living in Miami, loving the boating live aboard lifestyle.

Educated in Italy and Australia,  the spiritual growth of a gypsy.




Genie Craff

Creative Web Director

Author, Award winning Educator and mentor. Genie is the inspiration to countless of people. Check her out on !


Samantha Mederos

Creative Visual Photographer

Artist, photographer and a special dancing sister. A lover of the visual and representational arts.

Your Next Step..... you find it interesting the way I talk! Would you like to meet up at my studio on my boat and chat, what would you like? you find it interesting the way I think! Would you like to purchase directly off my site?