Customize cushion

Favorite color pallet? What theme are you passionate about?

E-mail me your thoughts.

Lets add a name a meaningful word, a motif!

Creation with a purpose.


Your own Piece

Do you own a piece we can re-use?

Lets re-use a piece in your home, give it a new soul.

The shape , the balance of the piece just needs the next piece of your style.

Lets talk, let me know.

On Display

My cushions looking stellar at the Red Eye exhibition at Art Serve this year.

They fair well with other artists paintings.

To tell You more..

My product is about individuality, color and You.

Patterns and whimsical creatures, reclaimed fabrics and laces. Some glitter and gems to capture the light in your eyes. tell You more..

I will service your imagination to come to life. Bring me your color pallet, your desire of a pattern, your need to tell a story in a creation.


Next Steps...

Contact me! Lets get together and create..